12 Hour Dock Needs Repair

Glendale Docks
Temporary Parking Changes

 On June 14, 2017 the Gilford Board of Selectman temporarily modified the ordinance regulating boat parking at Glendale.  These changes are to the west side of the 3 Hour Dock, 1-A:

- The fire boat will be docked at the end of 1-A on the big pilings.
- One load/unload space will be at the shore side of 1-A.
- All spaces in between the boat & the load/unload will be 12 Hour Docking.
- There is appropriate signage.

 Why?  A routine examination by dive engineers determined structural weakness on the 12 Hour Dock.  The 8 & 3 Hour docks are OK.

 How Long? The town is in the process of securing a contractor, but no timeline as yet.  Contractors appear to be busy with work they have lined up months in advance. 

 What can we do? 

  Be good neighbors!

 Tie up boat lines securely.

 Use as little space as is reasonably possible between boats.

 "Boat pool" when possible.

 Use a smaller boat if possible

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