Member Passings





Member Passings

Howard Hardin, Diamond Island, February 03, 2019
Gordon Denley, Welch Island, February 13, 2019
Dorothy (Dot) Pangburn, Loches Island, June 30, 2018
Elizabeth (Betsy) Stettner, Lockes Island, September 28, 2017
Helen Denley, Welch Island, July 26, 2017
Dick Keating, Mark Island(formerly) Early 2017
Douglas Mackenzie, Welch Island Spring 2017
Terri Ellen Donsker, Lockes Island, May 16, 2017
Jack Stephenson, Camp Island, February 18, 2017
Shirley Burns, Welch Island, January 18, 2017 
Harold Moore, Welch Island, August 19, 2016
Kitty Leonardson, Welch Island, June 04, 2016
Lauder Miller, Jolly Island, May 12, 2016
Shirley Wason, Welch Island, April, 2016
Phyllis Hodson, Welch Island, 2016
Diana Tabler Forbes, Birch Island, December 28, 2015
Noel Grossman, Welch Island, December 14, 2016
David Pangburn, Lockes Island, November 19, 2015*
Bob Sanderson, Lockes Island, October 2015
Russell F. Elwell, July 4, 2015
Bob Dean, Lockes,
Grace King, Jolly Island, December 15, 2014

News & Events MAR 8th

41 Members Attend Spring Luncheon

On March 02, 2019, members enjoyed lunch with fellow islanders at the Lyon's Den in Gilford and heard about the state of Winnipesaukee's water quality.  The talk was presented by Pat Tarpey, Executive Director of the Lake Winnipesaukee Association.   
The slides from the presentation cam be seen by clickimg here:
State of Winnipesaukee's Water Quality

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