Welch Island

Welch Island is 210 acres and sits in the middle of the broads. Until the 1860's it had several different names like Moulton's Island, Fishers Island, and Thompson's Great Island. In the early 1800's this island was used for timbering. George Washington Leavitt, a farmer, brought his sheep to pasture on the island during the summer.  When the lake froze over he would lead them back to the mainland.  There still remains evidence of an old stone wall and a barbed wire fence, artifacts from the sheep herding days.* 
The first two summer camps were built in 1906. By 1919 there were six more camps but only three were added in the next thirty years.  On the northern point of the island, the Luce family built an estate in 1914.  The camp sat on 30 acres and was worthy of the Adirondak Great Camps then being built by wealthy inustrialists in New York State.*
At the end of the 1930s, five families formed the Welch Island Association and purchased the island's large cove.  The property was expanded by the Winter Harbor Yacht Club in 1948 and it is still in existance today. *
Welch Island now boasts sixty five camps, one estate, a yacht club, a tennis court,& a beautiful vegetable and flower garden, and several well marked hiking trails.


*Adair D. Mullgan,"The Gunstock Parish, A History of Glford, New Hampshrde",Adair D. Mulligan, Phoenix Publishing, 1995)


News & Events MAR 8th

41 Members Attend Spring Luncheon

On March 02, 2019, members enjoyed lunch with fellow islanders at the Lyon's Den in Gilford and heard about the state of Winnipesaukee's water quality.  The talk was presented by Pat Tarpey, Executive Director of the Lake Winnipesaukee Association.   
The slides from the presentation cam be seen by clickimg here:
State of Winnipesaukee's Water Quality

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